News, Plans, & Happenings

July 2019

Dear Southernmost Friends,

Welcome to our blog. We will keep in touch periodically during our summer break to let you know of SCMS developments and plans. Since our final concert in April, we have been busy getting ready for the upcoming season and now have firm dates set as you will see below. We also have some exciting news to share on a number of fronts. Finally, if you have questions or comments, please drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

Piano Donation - At the season finale in April, a request was made for contributions towards purchasing a better quality piano as the instrument in the Historic Rectory is not up to concert standards. Shortly afterwards, a donor came forward to offer a concert quality 5' 7" Model M Steinway! The gift is being made by St. Paul's parishioner and choir member Kathleen Bratton and her husband Brian Wruble. In addition, Kathleen and Brian are also graciously covering the cost of shipment from their home in NJ along with any necessary repairs. The piano is expected to arrive in Key West in about a month and will be located in the parish hall where SCMS concerts will take place this coming season. Our deepest gratitude to this generous benefactor.

New Concert Schedule - Mark your calendars, the 2019 - 2020 schedule has been announced as follows:

November 21 • December 19 • January 16

February 20 • March 19 • April 16

Starting Oct. 1, tickets will be available for all six performances on the SCMS and Eventbrite websites.

Violist, Pavla Houdkova Joining SCMS

We are delighted to announce a new member of SCMS, noted violist and violinist, Pavla Houdkova. Born in Czech Republic, Pavla has been a Keys Resident for over 20 years. She started playing the violin at age 6 in her hometown Strakonice. At age 15, she attended the Music Conservatoire in Ceske Budejovice where she graduated on viola and later continued her education in nearby Pilsen. Pavla has toured extensively throughout Europe as a professional musician with the South Bohemian Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra. She continues her passion for music by playing alongside other local musicians at various events and occasions here in the Keys.

Move to St. Paul's Parish Hall - Due to the on-going renovations of the Historic Rectory, we are moving this coming season's SCMS performances to the adjacent parish hall. The new venue will be larger but still maintain the intimate feel of traditional chamber music concerts. The parish hall also offers several advantages: more seating, improved acoustics, better lighting, and greater proximity to the artists. In addition, with the installation of new risers, everyone will enjoy an unobstructed view. And the AC works great!

Look for another newsletter in September and in the meantime, enjoy your summer,

SCMS Editor, Jim McCloud